Ohio child support agency prepares for budget cuts

When a non-custodial parent is supposed to make child support payments, but fails to do so, the other parent is not powerless. The custodial parent can reach out to county agencies that handle enforcement efforts and take steps to get the financial support he or she needs to cover the children’s expenses. However, some counties are facing budget cuts, which will likely impact county child support enforcement work.

According to reports, one million children in Ohio are supported through the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). The Ohio CSEA, which helps parents enforce child support orders as well as amend them, is the third largest in the nation. Many fear that the proposed budget cuts will lead to layoffs, which in turn will lead to less effective child support enforcement services.

A Summit County CSEA representative recently presented information regarding proposed cuts to child support programs at the federal and national levels. She noted that cuts across Ohio could tally as much as $45 million. This could result in 30-60 positions being eliminated by the end of the year.

This is certainly not the first time county agencies have been reduced. Sources indicate the Summit County CSEA currently employs 132 people. A decade ago, it boasted 221 workers. In an effort to ease the funding issues, the department is currently checking into grants and collaboration with other county agencies.

Custodial parents seeking to enforce child support orders do not need to contact county agencies for help. They have another choice: a family law attorney. Experienced family law attorneys understand how child support orders are created and can help custodial parents get the financial assistance to which they are entitled. Many parents report feeling significantly less stress when under the guidance of a professional who knows the process.

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