The Nightmare of Handling an Expungement Without an Attorney

An Expungement is when arrest records are sealed and when it comes to handling it on your own, well it’s a brave choice.  Most states have laws that let you petition for expunging an arrest from the record. There may be sources that claim that it’s easy to get your record expunged on your own and that consulting an attorney to help you get the process started is simply not necessary. Well, there are actually multiple ways that hiring an attorney to help you with expungement can benefit you, where dealing with the matter yourself may backfire and not even result in reaching the goal you desire. If you’re thinking about attempting to clear your record without an attorney by your side, read on.


When it comes to expungements, you may really need your record to just go away. It could be that you’re being prevented from getting a financial loan, that you’re being kept from obtaining employment, that you feel uncomfortable having your record show up on background checks, want to sign a housing lease, or you just want to move on with your life and do not want your record to reflect your past choices. Maybe your case was even dismissed on merits, but the record is still there hanging around and making you look suspect even though you never ended up being convicted. Having a record creates numerous roadblocks, and having it expunged can often be like a weight lifting off your shoulders.


So what can an attorney do when it comes to helping you get that record expunged? First of all, they can help you determine whether you do qualify to have your record either expunged or sealed. Different states have different criteria, and you may only be eligible for partial expungement, or maybe even full. Either way, an attorney will help you determine how much of your record you can get expunged. A public defender cannot help you with this; after all, they were only appointed for a specific case in court, and are not your designated attorney once that court case is over. You may not require an attorney to expunge your record, but you will probably require one to expunge it successfully. There are a lot of details that need to be handled, and at the end of the day, the expungement process needs to be handled properly.


An attorney knows how to petition the court to seal or expunge records, how to write the petition, where to file it, the law to support your petition, and the type of expungement to request. Having an attorney on your side can help make everything easier and put you on the fast track to finally obtaining a clean slate. Petitioning for expungement is a legal area and attorneys are experienced in law, with many attorneys even focusing on expungement services. The reason why so many law offices have specialized in this area is that there truly is a need for legally experienced and savvy attorneys that can help you navigate and successfully petition to get your record expunged.


At the end of the day, if you do not have the money to pay an attorney, then go ahead and petition for expungement on your own. You will still need to shell out cash for filing fees, court costs, and more. Many attorneys offer lowered rates for people just so they can afford their services. If you do decide to hire an attorney, you’ll be informed of all the fees you are looking at paying and have a qualified guide to help you successfully expunge your record and save you the nightmare of filing yourself and possibly being rejected(in which case your money will not be refunded for various fees). If you do hire an attorney and are successful, the freedom and opportunities now available to you will be more than worth the money spent. You will also likely be able to obtain employment and come out ahead. Consult an attorney today to help you achieve your goal of finally getting your record expunged and your life back to normal.