Dogs lead to possible premises liability for Florida woman

A Florida woman that already faces a premises liability suit now potentially faces more legal action because of her dogs. The woman’s two dogs severely mauled a 74-year-old neighborhood man last week and the 74-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery. Neighbors in the area claim the woman’s dogs have been an issue for quite some time. The woman’s story serves as a reminder to dog owners about their responsibility.

Last Friday morning the 74-year-old man was taking care of yardwork at his home near Hawthorne, Florida in Putnam County. During the late morning the man’s work was interrupted as two pit bulls or pit bull mixes attacked the 74-year-old. The dogs ripped off the elderly man’s right arm and severely injured his left arm. The dogs also attacked and injured the man’s face. The 74-year-old man was rushed to Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Emergency surgery lasting six to eight hours was performed to try and save one of the man’s arms.

The two dogs were owned by a woman in the elderly man’s neighborhood and have been described as pit bulls or pit bull mixes by a neighbor and the woman’s brother. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Captain said the dogs jumped over the elderly man’s wire fence and attacked him while he was doing yardwork. The woman turned the dogs over to law enforcement and the dogs were euthanized.

Law enforcement officials say they have dealt with the owner of the dogs twice before regarding dog bites. One neighbor said the dogs have always been a problem and have been known to run the street. She says the owner gives pitbulls a bad name. Even more painful, the woman’s brother said the injured, elderly man was a friend of the family.

Court documents show the woman is already involved with a premises liability suit that may be related to a previous dog bite incident.



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