Dating sites prove to be a great source of info in divorce cases

Most Columbus residents would probably agree that honesty is the best policy in any marriage. The same can be said about divorce. Although the divorce process is often overshadowed by examples of extreme fights and contentious court dates, being honest in every step of the process can lead even the most difficult divorce in the right direction.

Of course, dishonesty is not always easy to prove, and allegations of lies without evidence to support them will likely not stand up in court. In that light, it makes sense that both sides of the split may begin to dig into each other’s private lives in hopes of seeing the true nature of that individual.

Recently, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conducted a survey where they asked lawyers about the use of dating website information in divorce cases. Of those surveyed, 59 percent saw an increase in the last three years of cases where dating site information was used.

Lawyers pointed to and as the top dating sites to find evidence. A spouse’s profile can be very revealing if the details within it prove to be false. For example, lawyers pointed out that the relationship status was the most common piece of evidence used in a case. A status of ‘single’ does not put a spouse in a very honest light. Besides that, false information about salary of occupation was also used to prove dishonestly. Finally, a parental status that fails to mention a person’s children may also have negative effects during a child custody case.

Our world is highly digital and it is oftentimes hard to keep information from spreading on the Internet. But when it comes to individuals faced with divorce, it is in their best interest to make sure the information they put on websites is factual.



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